2 total, all up-to-date

Package Required Latest Status
symfony/polyfill-mbstring Symfony polyfill for the Mbstring extension ~1.1 v1.29.0 up to date
symfony/polyfill-php83 Symfony polyfill backporting some PHP 8.3+ features to lower PHP versions ^1.27 v1.29.0 up to date

Requires (dev)

8 total, all up-to-date

Package Required Latest Status
doctrine/dbal Powerful PHP database abstraction layer (DBAL) with many features for database schema introspection and management. ^3.6|^4 4.0.1 up to date
predis/predis A flexible and feature-complete Redis client for PHP. ^1.1|^2.0 v2.2.2 up to date
symfony/cache Provides extended PSR-6, PSR-16 (and tags) implementations ^6.4|^7.0 v7.0.6 up to date
symfony/dependency-injection Allows you to standardize and centralize the way objects are constructed in your application ^6.4|^7.0 v7.0.6 up to date
symfony/expression-language Provides an engine that can compile and evaluate expressions ^6.4|^7.0 v7.0.3 up to date
symfony/http-kernel Provides a structured process for converting a Request into a Response ^6.4|^7.0 v7.0.6 up to date
symfony/mime Allows manipulating MIME messages ^6.4|^7.0 v7.0.6 up to date
symfony/rate-limiter Provides a Token Bucket implementation to rate limit input and output in your application ^6.4|^7.0 v7.0.3 up to date