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Packages from sebastian

Package Status
sebastian/cli-parser Library for parsing CLI options Dependency Badge
sebastian/code-unit Collection of value objects that represent the PHP code units Dependency Badge
sebastian/code-unit-reverse-lookup Looks up which function or method a line of code belongs to Dependency Badge
sebastian/comparator Provides the functionality to compare PHP values for equality Dependency Badge
sebastian/complexity Library for calculating the complexity of PHP code units Dependency Badge
sebastian/csv-parser Library for type-safe parsing of CSV files Dependency Badge
sebastian/de-legacy-fy Tool for dealing with legacy PHP code Dependency Badge
sebastian/diff Diff implementation Dependency Badge
sebastian/environment Provides functionality to handle HHVM/PHP environments Dependency Badge
sebastian/exporter Provides the functionality to export PHP variables for visualization Dependency Badge
sebastian/finder-facade FinderFacade is a convenience wrapper for Symfony's Finder component. Dependency Badge
sebastian/foal Tool to find lines eliminated by OpCache's bytecode optimizer Dependency Badge
sebastian/git Simple wrapper for Git Dependency Badge
sebastian/global-state Snapshotting of global state Dependency Badge
sebastian/hhvm-wrapper Convenience wrapper for HHVM Dependency Badge
sebastian/lines-of-code Library for counting the lines of code in PHP source code Dependency Badge
sebastian/money Value Object that represents a monetary value (using a currency's smallest unit) Dependency Badge
sebastian/money-intl-formatter Implementation of SebastianBergmann\Money\Formatter that uses PHP's built-in NumberFormatter Dependency Badge
sebastian/object-enumerator Traverses array structures and object graphs to enumerate all referenced objects Dependency Badge
sebastian/object-graph Provides useful operations on PHP object graphs Dependency Badge
sebastian/object-reflector Allows reflection of object attributes, including inherited and non-public ones Dependency Badge
sebastian/pdepend-process Processor for PHP_Depend data Dependency Badge
sebastian/peek-and-poke Proxy for accessing non-public attributes and methods of an object Dependency Badge
sebastian/phpcpd Copy/Paste Detector (CPD) for PHP code. Dependency Badge
sebastian/phpdcd Dead Code Detector (DCD) for PHP code. Dependency Badge
sebastian/phptok Tool for quickly dumping the tokens of a PHP sourcecode file Dependency Badge
sebastian/recursion-context Provides functionality to recursively process PHP variables Dependency Badge
sebastian/resource-operations Provides a list of PHP built-in functions that operate on resources Dependency Badge
sebastian/shaku Tool to automatically generate type-safe Collection and CollectionIterator classes Dependency Badge
sebastian/type Collection of value objects that represent the types of the PHP type system Dependency Badge
sebastian/uuid Function for generating a UUID (as string) Dependency Badge
sebastian/version Library that helps with managing the version number of Git-hosted PHP projects Dependency Badge
sebastian/xdebug-trace-util Collection of value objects, filters, etc. for working with Xdebug function traces Dependency Badge