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Packages from roave

Package Status
roave/backward-compatibility-check Tool to compare two revisions of a public API to check for BC breaks Dependency Badge
roave/behat-psr11extension PSR-11 Container extension for Behat Dependency Badge
roave/better-reflection Better Reflection - an improved code reflection API Dependency Badge
roave/composer-gpg-verify Composer plugin that verifies GPG signatures of downloaded dependencies, enforcing trusted GIT tags Dependency Badge
roave/doctrine-simplecache Doctrine Cache adapter for PSR-16 Simple Cache Dependency Badge
roave/dont A small set of traits that can be used to prevent misuse of your objects Dependency Badge
roave/function-fqn-replacer Replaces relative references to internal functions with absolute references Dependency Badge
roave/infection-static-analysis-plugin Static analysis on top of mutation testing - prevents escaped mutants from being invalid according to static analysis Dependency Badge
roave/no-floaters PHPStan Rules to Disallow Float proliferation in contexts where IEEE-754 rounding errors are not acceptable Dependency Badge
roave/no-leaks Dependency Badge
roave/psalm-html-output Psalm HTML Output Dependency Badge
roave/psr-container-doctrine Doctrine Factories for PSR-11 Containers Dependency Badge
roave/roave-db-criteria Dependency Badge
roave/roave-developer-tools Developer Tools aimed at debugging/profiling/logging actions that are executed within a standard Zend\Mvc application Dependency Badge
roave/roave-email-templates A component for handling email templates Dependency Badge
roave/roave-nonce-utility A utility component for handling nonces Dependency Badge
roave/security-advisories Prevents installation of composer packages with known security vulnerabilities: no API, simply require it Dependency Badge
roave/signature Sign and verify stuff Dependency Badge
roave/silverstripe-callfire CallFire integration for SilverStripe Dependency Badge
roave/strict-php A strict runtime type and invariant checker for developing safer PHP applications Dependency Badge
roave/you-are-using-it-wrong Composer plugin enforcing strict type checks in downstream package dependants Dependency Badge
roave/zf1-migration Enables using newer Zend Framework features in a Zend Framework 1 application for easier migration Dependency Badge
roave/zf2-for-1 Compatibility layer for ZF1 application allowing usage of ZF2 features Dependency Badge