2 total, 1 outdated

Package Required Latest Status
brick/math Arbitrary-precision arithmetic library ^0.8.8 || ^0.9 || ^0.10 || ^0.11 0.12.1 outdated
ramsey/collection A PHP library for representing and manipulating collections. ^1.2 || ^2.0 2.0.0 up to date

Requires (dev)

20 total, 4 outdated

Package Required Latest Status
captainhook/captainhook PHP git hook manager ^5.10 5.19.0 up to date
captainhook/plugin-composer Composer-Plugin handling your git-hooks ^5.3 5.3.3 up to date
dealerdirect/phpcodesniffer-composer-installer PHP_CodeSniffer Standards Composer Installer Plugin ^0.7.0 v1.0.0 outdated
doctrine/annotations Docblock Annotations Parser ^1.8 2.0.1 outdated
ergebnis/composer-normalize Provides a composer plugin for normalizing composer.json. ^2.15 2.40.0 up to date
mockery/mockery Mockery is a simple yet flexible PHP mock object framework ^1.3 1.6.6 up to date
paragonie/random-lib A Library For Generating Secure Random Numbers ^2 v2.0.1 up to date
php-mock/php-mock PHP-Mock can mock built-in PHP functions (e.g. time()). PHP-Mock relies on PHP's namespace fallback policy. No further extension is needed. ^2.2 2.4.1 up to date
php-mock/php-mock-mockery Mock built-in PHP functions (e.g. time()) with Mockery. This package relies on PHP's namespace fallback policy. No further extension is needed. ^1.3 1.4.1 up to date
php-parallel-lint/php-parallel-lint This tool check syntax of PHP files about 20x faster than serial check. ^1.1 v1.3.2 up to date
phpbench/phpbench PHP Benchmarking Framework ^1.0 1.2.15 up to date
phpstan/extension-installer Composer plugin for automatic installation of PHPStan extensions ^1.1 1.3.1 up to date
phpstan/phpstan PHPStan - PHP Static Analysis Tool ^1.8 1.10.48 up to date
phpstan/phpstan-mockery PHPStan Mockery extension ^1.1 1.1.1 up to date
phpstan/phpstan-phpunit PHPUnit extensions and rules for PHPStan ^1.1 1.3.15 up to date
phpunit/phpunit The PHP Unit Testing framework. ^8.5 || ^9 10.5.2 outdated
ramsey/composer-repl A REPL for PHP built into Composer. ^1.4 1.5.0 up to date
slevomat/coding-standard Slevomat Coding Standard for PHP_CodeSniffer complements Consistence Coding Standard by providing sniffs with additional checks. ^8.4 8.14.1 up to date
squizlabs/php_codesniffer PHP_CodeSniffer tokenizes PHP, JavaScript and CSS files and detects violations of a defined set of coding standards. ^3.5 3.8.0 up to date
vimeo/psalm A static analysis tool for finding errors in PHP applications ^4.9 5.17.0 outdated