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Packages from nyholm

Package Status
nyholm/append-query-string A simple function that lets you add a query string to an existing URL Dependency Badge
nyholm/class-requirement-extractor Extract requirements from classes. Use type hints and Symfony Validation Dependency Badge
nyholm/dsn Parse your DSN strings in a powerful and flexible way Dependency Badge
nyholm/effective-interest-rate A library to calculate effective interest rate. Also know as XIRR or effective APR. Dependency Badge
nyholm/git-reviewer Find a good reviewer to your github pull request Dependency Badge
nyholm/google-api-php-client Google API library for PHP (with namespaces). This packet is maintained! Version 0.6.2 of original code. Dependency Badge
nyholm/http-client A light weight and super fast HTTP client Dependency Badge
nyholm/nano-kernel The best Kernel for simple applications. Dependency Badge
nyholm/noop A package that does nothing. Dependency Badge
nyholm/nsa See everything and do whatever you want. No privacy rule will stop us. Used in tests, debugging and fixtures to access properties and methods. Dependency Badge
nyholm/psr7 A fast PHP7 implementation of PSR-7 Dependency Badge
nyholm/psr7-server Helper classes to handle PSR-7 server requests Dependency Badge
nyholm/sunflower The best Kernel for simple applications. Dependency Badge
nyholm/super-slim A quick and extendable framework which delivers content blazing fast Dependency Badge
nyholm/symfony-bundle-test Dependency Badge
nyholm/symfony-runtime Enables decoupling PHP apps from global state Dependency Badge
nyholm/why A port of Matlab's Why function Dependency Badge
nyholm/zebra-image The ZebraImage PHP library in a nice package. Dependency Badge