1 total, all up-to-date

Package Required Latest Status
symfony/console Eases the creation of beautiful and testable command line interfaces ^7.0.4 v7.0.6 up to date

Requires (dev)

9 total, all up-to-date

Package Required Latest Status
ergebnis/phpstan-rules Provides rules for phpstan/phpstan. ^2.2.0 2.2.0 up to date
illuminate/console The Illuminate Console package. ^11.0.0 v11.3.1 up to date
laravel/pint An opinionated code formatter for PHP. ^1.14.0 v1.14.0 up to date
mockery/mockery Mockery is a simple yet flexible PHP mock object framework ^1.6.7 1.6.11 up to date
pestphp/pest The elegant PHP Testing Framework. ^2.34.1 v2.34.7 up to date
phpstan/phpstan PHPStan - PHP Static Analysis Tool ^1.10.59 1.10.66 up to date
phpstan/phpstan-strict-rules Extra strict and opinionated rules for PHPStan ^1.5.2 1.5.2 up to date
symfony/var-dumper Provides mechanisms for walking through any arbitrary PHP variable ^7.0.4 v7.0.6 up to date
thecodingmachine/phpstan-strict-rules A set of additional rules for PHPStan based on best practices followed at TheCodingMachine ^1.0.0 v1.0.0 up to date