No required dependencies.

Requires (dev)

7 total, all up-to-date

Package Required Latest Status
friendsofphp/php-cs-fixer A tool to automatically fix PHP code style ^3.26.1 v3.34.0 up to date
illuminate/view The Illuminate View package. ^10.23.1 v10.25.1 up to date
laravel-zero/framework The Laravel Zero Framework. ^10.1.2 v10.1.2 up to date
mockery/mockery Mockery is a simple yet flexible PHP mock object framework ^1.6.6 1.6.6 up to date
nunomaduro/larastan Larastan - Discover bugs in your code without running it. A phpstan/phpstan wrapper for Laravel ^2.6.4 v2.6.4 up to date
nunomaduro/termwind Its like Tailwind CSS, but for the console. ^1.15.1 v1.15.1 up to date
pestphp/pest The elegant PHP Testing Framework. ^2.18.2 v2.20.0 up to date