31 total, 14 outdated

Package Required Latest Status
brick/math Arbitrary-precision arithmetic library ^0.9.3|^0.10.2|^0.11 0.12.1 outdated
doctrine/inflector PHP Doctrine Inflector is a small library that can perform string manipulations with regard to upper/lowercase and singular/plural forms of words. ^2.0.5 2.0.10 up to date
dragonmantank/cron-expression CRON for PHP: Calculate the next or previous run date and determine if a CRON expression is due ^3.3.2 v3.3.3 up to date
egulias/email-validator A library for validating emails against several RFCs ^3.2.1|^4.0 4.0.2 up to date
fruitcake/php-cors Cross-origin resource sharing library for the Symfony HttpFoundation ^1.2 v1.3.0 up to date
guzzlehttp/uri-template A polyfill class for uri_template of PHP ^1.0 v1.0.3 up to date
laravel/prompts Add beautiful and user-friendly forms to your command-line applications. ^0.1.9 v0.1.22 up to date
laravel/serializable-closure Laravel Serializable Closure provides an easy and secure way to serialize closures in PHP. ^1.3 v1.3.3 up to date
league/commonmark Highly-extensible PHP Markdown parser which fully supports the CommonMark spec and GitHub-Flavored Markdown (GFM) ^2.2.1 2.4.2 up to date
league/flysystem File storage abstraction for PHP ^3.8.0 3.28.0 up to date
monolog/monolog Sends your logs to files, sockets, inboxes, databases and various web services ^3.0 3.6.0 up to date
nesbot/carbon An API extension for DateTime that supports 281 different languages. ^2.67 3.4.0 outdated
nunomaduro/termwind Its like Tailwind CSS, but for the console. ^1.13 v2.0.1 outdated
psr/container Common Container Interface (PHP FIG PSR-11) ^1.1.1|^2.0.1 2.0.2 up to date
psr/log Common interface for logging libraries ^1.0|^2.0|^3.0 3.0.0 up to date
psr/simple-cache Common interfaces for simple caching ^1.0|^2.0|^3.0 3.0.0 up to date
ramsey/uuid A PHP library for generating and working with universally unique identifiers (UUIDs). ^4.7 4.7.6 up to date
symfony/console Eases the creation of beautiful and testable command line interfaces ^6.2 v7.0.7 outdated
symfony/error-handler Provides tools to manage errors and ease debugging PHP code ^6.2 v7.0.7 outdated
symfony/finder Finds files and directories via an intuitive fluent interface ^6.2 v7.0.7 outdated
symfony/http-foundation Defines an object-oriented layer for the HTTP specification ^6.3 v7.0.7 outdated
symfony/http-kernel Provides a structured process for converting a Request into a Response ^6.2 v7.0.7 outdated
symfony/mailer Helps sending emails ^6.2 v7.0.7 outdated
symfony/mime Allows manipulating MIME messages ^6.2 v7.0.7 outdated
symfony/process Executes commands in sub-processes ^6.2 v7.0.7 outdated
symfony/routing Maps an HTTP request to a set of configuration variables ^6.2 v7.0.7 outdated
symfony/uid Provides an object-oriented API to generate and represent UIDs ^6.2 v7.0.7 outdated
symfony/var-dumper Provides mechanisms for walking through any arbitrary PHP variable ^6.2 v7.0.7 outdated
tijsverkoyen/css-to-inline-styles CssToInlineStyles is a class that enables you to convert HTML-pages/files into HTML-pages/files with inline styles. This is very useful when you're sending emails. ^2.2.5 v2.2.7 up to date
vlucas/phpdotenv Loads environment variables from `.env` to `getenv()`, `$_ENV` and `$_SERVER` automagically. ^5.4.1 v5.6.0 up to date
voku/portable-ascii Portable ASCII library - performance optimized (ascii) string functions for php. ^2.0 2.0.1 up to date

Requires (dev)

20 total, 7 outdated

Package Required Latest Status
ably/ably-php Ably REST client library for PHP. ^1.0 1.1.10 up to date
aws/aws-sdk-php AWS SDK for PHP - Use Amazon Web Services in your PHP project ^3.235.5 3.308.3 up to date
doctrine/dbal Powerful PHP database abstraction layer (DBAL) with many features for database schema introspection and management. ^3.5.1 4.0.2 outdated
fakerphp/faker Faker is a PHP library that generates fake data for you. ^1.21 v1.23.1 up to date
guzzlehttp/guzzle Guzzle is a PHP HTTP client library ^7.5 7.8.1 up to date
league/flysystem-aws-s3-v3 AWS S3 filesystem adapter for Flysystem. ^3.0 3.28.0 up to date
league/flysystem-ftp FTP filesystem adapter for Flysystem. ^3.0 3.28.0 up to date
league/flysystem-path-prefixing Path prefixing filesystem adapter for Flysystem. ^3.3 3.28.0 up to date
league/flysystem-read-only Read-only filesystem adapter for Flysystem. ^3.3 3.28.0 up to date
league/flysystem-sftp-v3 SFTP filesystem adapter for Flysystem. ^3.0 3.28.0 up to date
mockery/mockery Mockery is a simple yet flexible PHP mock object framework ^1.5.1 1.6.12 up to date
nyholm/psr7 A fast PHP7 implementation of PSR-7 ^1.2 1.8.1 up to date
orchestra/testbench-core Testing Helper for Laravel Development ^8.15.1 v9.1.1 outdated
pda/pheanstalk PHP client for beanstalkd queue ^4.0 v5.0.5 outdated
phpstan/phpstan PHPStan - PHP Static Analysis Tool ^1.4.7 1.11.2 up to date
phpunit/phpunit The PHP Unit Testing framework. ^10.0.7 11.1.3 outdated
predis/predis A flexible and feature-complete Redis client for PHP. ^2.0.2 v2.2.2 up to date
symfony/cache Provides extended PSR-6, PSR-16 (and tags) implementations ^6.2 v7.0.7 outdated
symfony/http-client Provides powerful methods to fetch HTTP resources synchronously or asynchronously ^6.2.4 v7.0.7 outdated
symfony/psr-http-message-bridge PSR HTTP message bridge ^2.0 v7.0.7 outdated