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Packages from http-interop

Package Status
http-interop/http-factory Common interface for HTTP message factories Dependency Badge
http-interop/http-factory-diactoros An HTTP Factory using Zend Diactoros Dependency Badge
http-interop/http-factory-discovery Utility to locate available HTTP factory implementations Dependency Badge
http-interop/http-factory-guzzle An HTTP Factory using Guzzle PSR7 Dependency Badge
http-interop/http-factory-slim An HTTP Factory using Slim HTTP Dependency Badge
http-interop/http-factory-tests Unit tests for HTTP factories Dependency Badge
http-interop/http-middleware Common interface for HTTP server-side middleware Dependency Badge
http-interop/http-server-handler Common interface for HTTP server-side request handler Dependency Badge
http-interop/http-server-middleware Common interface for HTTP server-side middleware Dependency Badge
http-interop/response-sender A function to convert PSR-7 Response to HTTP output Dependency Badge