10 total, all up-to-date

Package Required Latest Status
jean85/pretty-package-versions A library to get pretty versions strings of installed dependencies ^1.5.1||^2.0.1 2.0.5 up to date
phpunit/php-code-coverage Library that provides collection, processing, and rendering functionality for PHP code coverage information. ^10.0 10.1.9 up to date
phpunit/php-file-iterator FilterIterator implementation that filters files based on a list of suffixes. ^4.0 4.1.0 up to date
phpunit/phpunit The PHP Unit Testing framework. ^10.0 10.5.2 up to date
psr/event-dispatcher Standard interfaces for event handling. ^1.0 1.0.0 up to date
symfony/console Eases the creation of beautiful and testable command line interfaces ^4.4||^5.0||^6.0||^7.0 v7.0.1 up to date
symfony/dependency-injection Allows you to standardize and centralize the way objects are constructed in your application ^4.4||^5.0||^6.0||^7.0 v7.0.1 up to date
symfony/event-dispatcher Provides tools that allow your application components to communicate with each other by dispatching events and listening to them ^4.4||^5.0||^6.0||^7.0 v7.0.0 up to date
symfony/process Executes commands in sub-processes ^4.4||^5.0||^6.0||^7.0 v7.0.0 up to date
symfony/stopwatch Provides a way to profile code ^4.4||^5.0||^6.0||^7.0 v7.0.0 up to date

Requires (dev)

14 total, 3 outdated

Package Required Latest Status
facile-it/facile-coding-standard coding standard ^1.0 1.0.1 up to date
jangregor/phpstan-prophecy Provides a phpstan/phpstan extension for phpspec/prophecy ^1.0.0 1.0.0 up to date
phpspec/prophecy Highly opinionated mocking framework for PHP 5.3+ dev-master as 1.18 v1.18.0 outdated
phpspec/prophecy-phpunit Integrating the Prophecy mocking library in PHPUnit test cases dev-master as 2.2.0 v2.1.0 outdated
phpstan/extension-installer Composer plugin for automatic installation of PHPStan extensions ^1.0 1.3.1 up to date
phpstan/phpstan PHPStan - PHP Static Analysis Tool ^1.10.4 1.10.48 up to date
phpstan/phpstan-phpunit PHPUnit extensions and rules for PHPStan ^1.1 1.3.15 up to date
phpunit/php-invoker Invoke callables with a timeout ^4.0 4.0.0 up to date
psalm/plugin-phpunit Psalm plugin for PHPUnit ^0.18 0.18.4 up to date
psalm/plugin-symfony Psalm Plugin for Symfony ^5.0 v5.04 up to date
rector/rector Instant Upgrade and Automated Refactoring of any PHP code ^0.15 0.18.12 outdated
symfony/expression-language Provides an engine that can compile and evaluate expressions ^4.4||^5.0||^6.0||^7.0 v7.0.0 up to date
symfony/phpunit-bridge Provides utilities for PHPUnit, especially user deprecation notices management ^6.4||^7.0 v7.0.1 up to date
vimeo/psalm A static analysis tool for finding errors in PHP applications ^5.5.0 5.17.0 up to date